Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Final Chance to sign the National Petition!!!

“Progress by Pesach is a very important campaign. From a historical point of view we have had no stronger allies than those in the Jewish community. As more people stand in solidarity with the immigrant community, we will achieve comprehensive immigration reform!”

-Luis Gutierrez, US Congressman and leader of comprehensive immigration reform movement in an interview with Jane Ramsey, Executive Director of Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and a Progress by Pesach partner.

As we count down the last days of Progress by Pesach, there are some promising statements coming out of Washington about the use of immigration raids. Please see the article below that appeared in Sunday’s Washington Post regarding shifting strategy around the use of worksite immigration raids. The article mentions the increased pressure from immigrant advocates regarding a shift in strategy over the last several months.

There is still much work to be done. Even though Progress by Pesach will conclude with the start of Passover, Jewish Community Action encourages you to stay involved and connected as we continue our efforts to move forward and pass comprehensive and humane immigration reform. Stay tuned for an announcement of future steps with JCA’s Immigrant Rights Leadership Team coming soon, and:

If you have not already, please sign and forward on the the petition urging President Obama to issue an end to raids:

Additionally, we welcome you to join us on Tuesday, April 14th for a noon press conference with Rep. Keith Ellison and other allies in calling for an end to raids and for a just immigration reform policy at the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.

Just as we will take time to remember when we were strangers in the land of Egypt this Passover, we will also take time to remember those affected by the Postville raid nearly one year ago. On May 12, 2009, we will mark this anniversary with a Moment of Rememberance and a Call to Action. Please stay tuned for more details and remember:

· the 29 mothers who still have not had their immigration trials and whose lives and lively-hood have been on hold ever since,

· the children, mothers and fathers whose families have been cold-heartedly ripped apart,

· the workers out of jobs, struggling to make ends meet

· the people in Guatemala and Mexico who are not receiving remittances because of detained, deported or out of work family members in the US,

· and the immigrant communities, faith communities, immigrant allies, lawyers, and translators in Postville and around the country who have worked tirelessly around the clock doing humanitarian, spiritual, political and emotional relief work.

To all those affected, we remember, and we say Dayenu!

(For a comprehensive list of all Progress by Pesach activities and events locally and for info on getting involved in the MN Immigrant Freedom Networks Dream Act Day on the Hill, please see attachments)